Website Design & Marketing

Differentiate your company from the marketplace, with customized identity. G Street’s team of web designers will provide you with a non-template, responsive web site. If you are seeking placement in specific media, G Street can help. Unlike many PR firms that collect fees without guaranteed placement, G Street guarantees results.

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Public Relations

Based on the fact that homes built today are 100% more energy efficient than homes built in the 1970s, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has put tremendous effort into promoting their green remodeling program and trying to get the industry to join in on their efforts.

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Education & Consulting

G Street™ is your resource for education on making energy efficiency practical and economical, and the tools and resources to help guide your decisions by providing the best available information in an easy to understand format, and relying heavily on successful case studies.

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Why G Street

We help you navigate and craft your sustainability program, and maximize your energy efficiencyprojects.  A successful sustainability programstarts with an accurate and engaging message.  G Street provides youwiththe necessary industry resources and marketing tools to help you achieve your goals.

For nearly a decade, G Street has forged the path of energy efficiency and sustainability programs.

This G Home™ has a $30 electric bill with no solar

G Street™ Blog

The Definition of a Green Home

The definition of green is different depending on who you ask.

A green home must address energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality, design, and material use. Energy efficiency alone, does not make a home green.

When […]

Rating a home

The importance of LEED and NAHB and green home standards

Adding to the confusion of defining a green home, is the number of green building programs and standards.

When defining a commercial green building, we accept the […]