What is wrong with homes that cost less to operate, look really cool, are healthier to live in, and are well located? G Street says the answer is, ‘nothing’. In fact, this is the only way to build or rehab residential properties. Make your next home a G Home™!

“If Apple made houses, it would be the G Home.”

Bryon Thomas, House so Green

G Street is:

Simply put, if a product or project does not fit the market, then it does not make sense. Our decisions are guided by market performance and providing the best possible solution to the consumer. Flexibility and innovation is the key to perservering during economic times that are ever changing. G Homes experience fewer days on market and a higher ROI.

A Collaboration of a Team of Professionals
In order to make the remodel as pain free and profitable as possible, and our education as informative as possible, we rely on our industry partners, which include Lowes, the NAHB Research Center, JELD-WEN, and Dunn Edwards.
Our team of professionals is instrumental to the execution of well-designed G Homes, and cutting-edge curriculum.

Better than Green
G Street does not endorse green, however we advocate the construction strategies of recognized green rating systems as long as doing so makes good business sense. The strategies of a good rating system are guaranteed to produce results that are better than traditional construction practices.
The business practices of G Street reduce enviromental impact whenever practical and economically feasible.

Traditional construction practices are in need of much improvement and a dramatic change to the status quo. The old way of doing things no longer works economically, environmentally, in terms of durability, or social responsibility. Our education programs are intended to take the guesswork out of, and provide the tools to implement improved building practices.

Restoring Community Through Renovation
The benefit of renovating existing structures in the urban core helps neighborhood values improve and helps occupy previously abandoned properties. These benefits are the direct result of renovating distressed structures into desired and livable homes.

Existing Buildings
With empty dwellings now topping 300,000 in markets such as Phoenix, there has never been a better time to improve existing building. Tearing perfectly good structures down to replace them with new buildings does not make sense financially or environmentally.

Performance Reporting
Since 2008 G Street has displayed a G Home Performance Report™ on every remodel. This should be an industry standard; as every homeowner and building tenant has a right to know estimated energy costs before purchasing a home or moving into office space.

Higher Appraisals and Fewer Days on Market
The G Home is branded as a ‘unique property’, which allows for a wider comparable radius and historic data that dates back as far as two years.

Transit-Orientated Development
Often forgotten and the biggest challenge to production builders who make ‘green’ claims, our projects are located within ¼ of public transportation and closer to employment hubs.