New Standard for Luxury: Green Certified

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G Home™ by AAK Investments features a HERS Index of 69 and is Emerald Green Certified The latest benchmark for a luxury home rehab is achieving energy performance that exceeds that of a new home by more than 30%, and exceeds the performance of ENERGY STAR v3. The Builder behind this amazing energy efficient rehab [...]
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Ditched Corporate Job, to Rock Residential Rehab Market

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Not long ago, Rob Anderson was a Commercial Insurance Broker for the Entertainment Industry. Based out of Los Angeles, Anderson was inspired to ditch his corporate job [...]
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D.I.Y. G Home

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a simple road map to a ‘do it yourself’ G Home A few simple strategies guide the G Home process and can be accomplished in phases depending on your budget, schedule, and priorities. The foundation of the G Home strategies are centered around better indoor air quality, better energy and water efficiency, and better aesthetics [...]
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Three of the Greenest Remodel Strategies Cost Nothing

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Green does not have to be more expensive, as a matter of fact, three of the most important green remodel strategies cost nothing. Typically, the four most referenced environmental impact areas of green building are energy, water, indoor air [...]
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The 2012 Energy Code

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…you’re already doing it As many municipalities move to adopt the 2012 Energy Code (2012 IECC), resistance is being stirred up. Among those resisting are builders, state government, municipalities, and code officials. The reasons for resisting vary, but they include financial, political, or misperception. Recently we conducted a training session to 86 builders on the [...]
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Conquer the Appraisal

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As recent as 2006 builders could not produce homes fast enough, and they were able to experience unit profits of 100% in some cases. Today, the profit margins are much slimmer, and sales of new homes have slowed by more than 80% in some markets. Many conversations surrounding ways to improve the housing market buzz with redundant ideas. The most common pleads are for the loosening of credit so builders can build again and consumers can buy [...]
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