G Certify

Those utilizing the G Home™ brand are at the forefront of transforming the housing industry; they deliver a product that is measured beyond profit, and reflects pride of design, craftsmanship, and detail. Those branding their properties G Home™ sometimes have decades of experience in new construction, are transplanted from an entirely different industry, or may have simply chosen to supplement their income by rehabbing properties.

Whatever the case, the above professionals are embracing the ‘G’ as a means to improve their business through brand identity, enhanced marketing, appraisal support, affordable professional design, green certification made easy, and a pool of prospective homebuyers awaiting the next G Home™.

“The best remodel brand in the United States, the G Home™ is incredibly efficient
and has amazing design and aesthetics.”

CR Herro
Mertitage Homes

The economic downtown of 2008 has forced a need for market differentiation for those who want to compete.

A common misperception is energy efficient homes designed by professionals are too expensive, not practical, confusing to administer, or too time consuming to do correctly. Often, implementing good design will be abandoned in lieu of the traditional approach of an average fix-n-flipper, or lipstick remodeler.

The G Home™ process allows professional design and energy efficiency to be simple, practical, and cost effective.

A commitment to building or rehabbing to the standards of the G Home™ brand requires more work. But when done right, the reward is higher appraisals, increased consumer demand, market differentiation, and often an improved ROI.

“In order to be competitive in today’s market, profits are not enough. As a remodeler
of over 35 homes a year, we sought a brand to enhance our current
business model. The choice was easy, G Home™.”

Rob Anderson
Rocking Horse Redevelopment

G Home™ is uniting the small and medium size builders and remodelers as the pioneers to become the biggest change the housing industry has seen in decades, resulting in newly constructed and rehabbed homes that are energy efficient and designed to look really good.

The goal of G Street™ is 1000 G Homes by the end of 2013; join us today by clicking here, or by phoning 855.466.7444.