G Home and The Appraisal

“One of the greatest challenges facing the home building industry is the appraisal, for this we chose the G Home™ brand as the solution.”

Shawn Beaird

“We have collected market data for over 30 years, and have never seen a home brand perform like the G Home™, consistently driving higher values even in a down market.”

Lloyd Lane
Net Value Central


“Even as low appraisals are slowing home sales and undermining contracts, an innovative green remodeling program is bucking the trend and delivering solid results.”

Nation’s Building News
The Official Online Newspaper

“G Home™ branded retrofits are a relatively new concept that appears to be resonating, at least with some home appraisers.”

USA Today
June 12, 2012

“The higher than market appraisals are attributed to the brand recognition of the G Home™, and to the energy efficiency, professional design, and consumer demand.”

RESNET, Residential
Energy Services Network
July 16, 2012


“G Street™ helps buyers redesign older homes into energy efficient remodels.”

FOX Business
July 17, 2012

“The G Home™ brand is thriving by entrepreneurs buying old homes, investing tens of thousands to make them more energy-efficient, and reselling them.”

Bloomberg Business Week
June 21, 2012