G Home Property Search

The G Home™ prospective Buyer is typically frustrated with a property search that results in houses that lack design, livability, comfort, efficiency, durability, or a desired location. They are willing to pay more for a home that exceeds all of the above and results in a home with lower operating costs, healthier indoor air quality, and less time spent behind the wheel.

“I love my G Home™, the open design and cool colors and
materials makes the 1400 square feet feel much bigger because of.”

Gina Caceres
G Home™ Owner, Phoenix

Quality of life includes less area to heat and cool, less money spent on gas, a walkable neighborhood, more time with family and friends, and less dependence on the automobile. The industry has ignored the consumer for too long and delivered a sub-standard product that placed more emphasis on builder profits rather than delivering a product that emphasizes workmanship, design, and performance.

The G Home was developed to meet the needs of today’s homebuyer, and to deliver a product that well exceeds traditional construction practice. The result has been powerful; creating a demand that currently exceeds G Home™ supply.

G Street™ will assist in your G Home™ search. Or, if you are searching areas not listed, please
contact us directly.

“The $55 electric bill of my G Home™ is much better than
my previous home and the $400 monthly electric bill.”

Pete and Margaret Schulte
G Home™ Owner, Phoenix