The greatest market opportunity is created by houses that are foreclosed, distressed, or are simply in need of an update. The economic downturn has created a shift toward remodeling versus relocating, living closer to town center versus commuting to the suburbs, and downsizing to well designed spaces versus consuming greater resources in more space than what is used.

During this workshop, attendees will receive the 10-step winning formula implemented on every G Home™, the nation’s number one brand for pre-1980 remodeled homes.

Key points shared include marketing, educating the appraiser, curb appeal, material selection, successful pre-design teams, green certification, and improving water and energy efficiency by 50% or more in most cases. You will experience four G Home™ case studies that followed the above path to success.

Also hear:
– The most important and economical energy efficiency feature missing from almost every remodeled or newly built home.
– The most important criteria when selecting green materials, resulting in reduced costs and less guess work.
– Utilizing the HERS Index as a construction and quality control tool.
– The best resource for energy efficiency incentives and rebates.
– The most important rehab feature sought by homebuyers.

This powerful 60-minute CEU approved session targets building professionals, real estate professionals, interior designers, investors, energy raters, and students of the built environment.

*The location is a green certified, newly renovated G Home™. Network with your peers and fellow green building advocates and register for this special session today!

*does not apply to webinar