When Improvements Appraise & When They Don’t

Full day workshop and tour.


What improvements maximize ROI?
During this powerful session attendees will experience three rehab case studies that resulted in fewer days on market and a dramatic higher rate of return compared to traditional lipstick remodels or ‘fix and flips.’ If you are considering, or actively rehabbing or building residential properties, this special full day workshop and tour is a must attend. Attendees will hear the best improvements to make based on budget as presented by the experts, including the Appraiser, Landscape Architect, Interior Designer, HVAC Specialist, Energy Rater, Realtor, and Marketing Agency.


Objective #1
Share three case studies that resulted in fewer days on market and higher rates of return when collaborating the efforts of the property acquisition, the Realtor, Designers, and marketing agent.

Objective #2
Tour three rehabbed properties and hear from leading professionals in regard to which improvements make most sense based on budget, including the Interior Designer, Appraiser, Landscape Architect, and Mechanical Specialist. Homes toured range in sales price of $145k – $1.6M

Objective #3
Describe rating systems that help each case study achieve greater value and fewer days on market, without costing more money. Ratings to be described include EnergyStar, NAHB Green, and G Home. Also hear how to take advantage of utility incentives when making energy efficiency upgrades and how to market the improvements to prospective buyers.

Objective #4
Explain the analysis needed when making the right acquisition and the tools that will help you do so. “The profit is made on the acquisition,” and there are tools and resources that will assist in making the most informed decision.